New Year, New Norm

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year! Wear your mask, watch your distance, wash your hands, and get vaccinated against COVID-19 when it’s your turn.

Norm is here to teach us some tricks to keep us as safe as possible.

Adopt Norm’s Healthy Habits

When you adopt Norm’s healthy habits, he adopts YOU into the official NEW NORM CLUB! Show your parents, family members, teachers and friends that you know how to stay as safe as possible from COVID-19. When you are able to check off all five of Norm’s healthy habits, download the certificate, fill in your name and display it proudly!

Cuando adoptas los hábitos saludables de Norm, ¡él te adopta a TI en el NUEVO CLUB oficial de NORM! Muestra a sus padres, familiares, maestros y amigos que sabes cómo mantenerte lo más seguro posible frente al COVID-19. Cuando puedes marcar los cinco hábitos saludables de Norm, descargua el certificado, completa tu nombre y muéstralo con orgullo!

Here are some other child and parent-friendly websites:

Let’s all make friends with the new NORM – the official "mask-ot" of ALL generations!